Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Short List

Okay, so my lofty TV goals have, as per usual, been trimmed. I generally start out meaning to watch many shows and drop a few due to lack of time, forgetting what day it's on, scheduling conflicts, or lack of interest.
Here is my revised list:

As always we have interesting characters and crazy-cool photo shoots on Top Model. If only Tyra would stop trying to act.... or speak... in fact, if Tyra would silently pose during the episode, I would come out of it without losing any sanity.

Lance Bass looks super cute, and I love that chef Rocco. And you never know what hilarious metaphor or simile will come out of Bruno's mouth next. Sometimes when Tom Burgeron is making jokes I wish he would silently pose like Tyra.

I thought I had missed it, but I caught the first episode when they replayed it later in the week. They have fantastic wardrobes and good music, not to mention a fantastic amount of bitchiness and snobbery. What's not to love? I think I need to catch up on last season.

The premier of Fringe was fantastic! However, working the evening shift meant I missed the second episode and then I forgot what day it was on and missed the third. I'm hoping to get caught up. Mostly because Joshua Jackson is a hottie.

I wasn't sure I would love this season of Heroes, but it's looking good so far! Not to mention the guys that make it worth watching.

Pushing Daisies hasn't started yet. I should start a countdown I am just so excited for it to start. Go buy the first season now, DO IT! Get caught up while you can!

I keep missing So You Think You Can Dance Canada, but I saw one of the first episodes. Hopefully I will find it again without a scheduling conflict!

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