Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I Smell Good, Too!

Every few years, I save up my Shopper's Drug Mart Optimum Card points and redeem them to get a new perfume. It was time.
So I did research, going into the store to smell them, doing online quizzes, spraying them on me and wearing them for the day, and I fell in love - with Burberry Brit. After some confusion, I discovered it was on sale in the store for $20 - awesome deal. So I bought it right away, no point redeeming here. It smells so good!! And I was super excited about getting a deal!
It opens with fresh notes of green lemon, frosted pear and white almond. The heart blooms with white peony. The drydown is very gourmand with vanilla, amber, mahogany and balsamic Tonka bean accords. (

I was still determined, however, to get a perfume with my points. Once I decide to do something, I go through with it. So I did more research, this time, telling the woman working in the beauty department at Shoppers that I liked perfumes with woody smells - that's what the online quizzes told me at least - but I did not tell her that. So she had me smell a few fragrances, and then pulled out Deseo by JLo. I was hesitant. I generally shy away from celebrity scents. The thought of saying "I'm wearing Paris today" makes me gag a little. But Deseo... it was beautiful! Everything I was looking for in scent #2! So I went for it, and turned in my points for it and a few other beauty items (because Deseo was on sale too!!!) - $75 worth, free!
The top notes bring the accords of bamboo leaf waving on the Italian breeze, Sicilian bergamot, yuzu, and charming, intensely flowery freesia notes. The heart beats with notes of star jasmine, pink gardenia, orange blossom and French mimosa. The base brings notes of musk, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, Atlas cedar and patchouli. (
Usually, I'm not super girly. I don't wear much make-up on a daily basis... in fact, I am only learning now how to wear eye-liner. However, I have a sweet spot for anything sparkley, good sales, and now, apparently, for perfume. Hopefully that sweet spot is satiated for now.

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