Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Fall Line Up

It's September... and that means Fall TV!! And from the looks of it, I'm going to be a busy girl. Here are my picks:

Dancing with the StarsI have been a loyal DWTS fan ever since the first season. I don't think I've ever missed one, and I feel guilty if I don't go online to vote. My former boy band obsession tells me that I'm going to root for Lance Bass, but usually I wait until the first few episodes are done before I pick faves.

Gossip GirlI started watching Gossip Girl last season, but stopped, mostly because there were too many other shows on. However, the hype from last season has shown me that maybe I should give it another chance. I do love well dressed bitches AND living vicariously through people with dramatic lives.

HeroesI've been watching Hiro and co. try to save the world since the first season. First season was amazing, second season was just good. Let's hope that the writer's strike time off left them with some amazing material for 3rd season.

Pushing DaisiesPUSHING DAISIES PUSHING DAISIES PUSHING DAISIES! It was by far the best show out last fall and I was so disappointed about the writers' strike because it meant no more Pushing Daisies for months. Amazing show. You need to be watching it.

FringeThere's a lot of hype about Fringe. Maybe because Joshua Jackson is in it? Anyway, I'll give it a shot I think.

America's Next Top ModelIt premiered last week... ANTM is my guilty pleasure. Tyra may be crazy... but it's just so entertaining. And the photoshoots are really cool.

So You Think You Can Dance CanadaI love So You Think You Can Dance, and I'm pretty pumped that it's coming to Canada. And the amount of Mary Murphy screaming will be significantly less than on the American counterpart, as she is only guest judging.

Survivor: GabonI've been watching Survivor on and off for a long time, so it can't hurt to check out this season.

My Name is EarlI've also been watching Earl on and off, and generally think it's pretty hilarious. Reminds me a bit of my hometown.

The OfficeI haven't been a loyal viewer of The Office in the past, but whenever I have watched it, I've just loved it.

30 RockSame goes for 30 Rock, loved it when I have watched it, but haven't watched it regularly. I think I'd like to start.

Don't Forget The LyricsOther than Jeopardy, DFTL is my favourite game show. I like to think I could go on there and kick some butt. In reality, the songs I could sing would be pretty limited.

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The Lil Bee said...

OK so I've found someone else who's as obsessed with TV as I am... you left off 90210 though... and The HILLS! You have to love/hate Speidi, no?