Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really, It's Not That Weird.

People do weird things all the time.
Some people dance bizarrely.
Some people wear '90s long floral dresses to the bar not in irony.
Some people don't bathe.
Some people shout at things that don't exist.
Some people like weird food combinations.
Some people sing the chorus of Brass Pocket by the Pretenders outloud while walking down the street.
Some people like wearing neon.
Some people hoard stuff.
Some people leave vases lying around with flowers and a pregnancy test in them.
Some people hang out in their garages all day.
I could go on.

So why, oh why, is it so deserving of staring when I take my cat out for a walk on a leash!? Really, it's not the most bizarre thing you will see in a day.

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