Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Feel Guilty

I find myself watching celebrity news/gossip shows pretty much on a daily basis. I feel guilty that I watch them, but yet I can't help it. It makes me sad that people are interested enough in these celebrities that they don't know that paparazzi are paid to follow them around constantly. Really, I'm surprised that more of them don't crack (a la Britney). I can't imagine how I would feel if someone with a camera was following me around constantly and if people were paid to constantly scrutinize and analyze everything I did, every decision I made, every word I said, everything I wear, everywhere I go... I would lose it! But, yet, I still support it. I read the websites and watch the tv shows, I've even been known to peruse a celeb magazine from time to time. Why?? Why are these people I will never know so enthralling? Why are their everyday lives so interesting? You know, I suppose it's the same kind of interest that keeps me browsing the profiles of the sorta-friends on my Facebook list and looking through random blogs. I barely know these people, if at all, but their lives are still so interesting to me. Living vicariously through others perhaps? I don't know, really. So I guess I'll continue my celeb-following and continue to feel slightly guilty for causing the mental health issues of countless celebrities.

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