Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I Can't Believe That We Would Lie in Our Graves"

Medical researchers are doing a study into near death experiences.
Death scares me to begin with, so, although the idea that people could still be conscious after their body is dead is comforting in that it alludes to the possibility of life after death, it also freaks me right out that you could still be conscious after you are dead. I know, I know, I sit on the fence about a lot of things I read. Apparently I have trouble deciding which side I am on. Either way, really cool study, but also kind of frightening with what the results could mean.
P to the S - title is from a Dave Matthews Band song of that name.

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oh... not to fear death. There's a saying there'a time for hello, & also goodbyes in evreything under the sun...(or something like that, hehe..)

Anyhow read your interest profile, I think we r quite similar, hee*
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