Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's the Bee's Knees!

As you may recall from here, the plan was to go as the Bee Girl for Hallowe'en. Black tank top with yellow electrical tape stripes, wings and wand from Dollarama, black skirt, yellow shorts underneath (just in case), yellow tights, black leg warmers, my yellow Converse shoes, yellow headband with antennas, bee necklace and yellow flower earrings. Tada!
What I Learned:
Wearing a costume and walking through the alley next to my apartment gives permission for every creepy 50-year-old man in the alley to talk to you.
Wearing a costume and riding public transit means everybody smiles at you and 60-something year old ladies talk to you.
Wearing a bee costume with your friends as a lady bug and a spider on Church Street means that between all of you, you are hit on by people of every possible gender (male, female, trans, etc).
Not wearing a coat over your tank top at night on October 31st is a bad plan when you have to walk.
When you have a wine bottle with a cork and no corkscrew, a useful alternative is a screw put into the cork with a screwdriver and use the back of a hammer to pull it out.
I am highly desensitized to Toronto big city life - things like the Gay District, homeless people, mental health, lots of people always around, riding transit, etc. None of it really surprises or scares me anymore.
I have some fantastic friends that I don't see nearly often enough.
I really love Hallowe'en!


Jay said...

Heh. Makes me think of Blind Melon. :)

I don't live downtown--I only work there. So I'm probably not as desensitized as you are. Crazies still give me pause now and then and become fodder for the blog.

Jamie said...

Cute costume!