Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dating Update

Why hello,
I just wanted to share with y'all the best* message I have received thus far.
hello sexy. how are you doing. my name is sam. i was just seaching and i saw ur pics believe me you are so sweet and i will love to know you better pls reply me and let me be on top of the world i will love to meet you. by the way am also single and know how to pleaseand pleasure my woman when i have one

I am not saying anything more about my dating adventures just yet, let's just say it hasn't all been duds, but I'm taking it slow.

*Best as in it was so funny that I almost threw up a little.


lily said...

AH! What a nutcase! Where do those guys come from??? Don't give up - I promise there are way more normal ones than that. But thanks for sharing that! Yowza.


pleaseand pleasure?!!! This guy got to enter Spelling B contest!

gleat new weeg to you daer...
lol! ;)

Grey Street said...

Can I just say that I, myself tried Plenty of Fish for awhile and got the same time of responses. It was kind of pathetic. And then when you actually get a good one, and you check out their profile, you realize that they're about 8 years older than you, divorced and have 2 teenagers. Seriously.