Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sweet! 11:57! Clearly this won't be published until after midnight, but I am counting it towards my NaBloPoMo goal. I wasn't sure if the streetcar was going to get me home in time to do it, and considered the options of editing the time that I wrote it at to make it look like I didn't miss a day of posting (yes, these are the kinds of things I think about on my streetcar rides home... *NERD*), but luckily it didn't come to that.
I went to a choir concert this evening, an old friend from camp/home/university is in it, so I went with some other old friends. After, we had apps and drinks. It was good to be together again. These are friends I've known since my early-to-mid teens. Comfortable friends. People who have seen me at my worst and continue to love me anyways. Friends who have been there through it all. I've learned in the past year to really cherish those old friends and all the others, I'm lucky to have them.

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Lily said...

Ha, ok so I had the busiest Saturday of the year this past weekend and had NO time to blog, so I posted via the Wordpress app on my phone a one-liner about Tippycup *just* to get a post up there. I felt like it was kind of cheating, but if the idea is to think about it and do it every day, then I'm still in it!

But yes, these are the things I think about hanging out in the bars with my friends... NERD! :)