Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Today was the Toronto Santa Claus Parade! My room mate from first year university and her boyfriend came up and we met up with my cousin downtown near the parade start. We made it there around 11, the parade didn't start until 12:30. It was max 2 degree Celsius, and we couldn't move for fear someone would snag our sweet spot. Also, halfway through the parade, it began to snow, not just light snow, like a wet snow blizzard. I bet it looked nice on tv, not so nice to be in. It was worth the cold, I think, even though I was fairly certain all of my joints were freezing up and therefore I would never move again. It was pretty exciting to see the parade, as I used to watch it on tv growing up every year. Although, there were no dressed up goats like we used to have in our hometown parade every year (BEST.PART.EVER.). I don't have pictures yet, and I was going to wait to post about the parade until I got them, but I needed a NaBloPoMo post today, so there we go.
It's still snowing a bit, which is nice for me now that I am inside looking out.


BloodRedRoses said...

Were you stuck in the rain as well? It was the main reason why I didn't really leave my house this weekend... Glad you enjoyed the parade though, it is indeed a great deal of fun!

ryan manning said...

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