Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Mo NaBloPoMo!

And it's finally the last day of November, meaning the last day of NaBloPoMo. I've succeeded! It was a close call a few times, but I managed to post something every day of November, sometimes more than once. Granted, not all were thoughtful, well-written, inspired blog posts. Some were memes and videos and music and pictures.

However, in the past month I have discovered the joys of Hallowe'en on Church St., taken a look at my non-existant love life, made a collage to send to a good friend, wished I could take part in the American election, struggled with other languages, had a highway accident a little too close to home, got a few steps closer to officially being a crazy cat lady, discussed my favourite word, spent time with good old friends, celebrated my 100th post, provided some food for thought... twice, remembered, started to get excited for Christmas, met a new man... sort of, forayed into the world of online dating... and kept you updated, stood outside in the cold for hours to see Santa, revealed my childhood dream, spent a weekend at my other home, confessed my love of old men, gave in and started reading Twilight, ranted about cancer-related stuff, had Twilight slowly take over my dreams, was thankful, and saw the Twilight movie, and didn't love it... but didn't hate it either.

Unlike at the start of November, I am now a slightly Twilight obsessed online dater. Weird. Never would have seen that coming!
Happy end of NaBloPoMo, everybody! Enjoy the calm that this will bring to your google readers.


Andy said...

Congrats on reaching the milestone- I read post after post this month of others who failed to do so...

Laura said...

Nablopomo was intense wasn't it. I confess, I didnt have something to say every day. As a result some posts were kinda crappy, you did great however!