Thursday, January 8, 2009

With Feathers in Her Hair

I was perusing the accessories section of Urban Outfitters today and completely fell in love with the feather headbands / hair pieces:

And my favourites...I am trying to convince a friend to have a cowboys & indians themed birthday party so I can justify buying one (what are your thoughts on this, readers, is it racist or a social faux pas, or is it retro throwback-y enough for it to work?).
I'm trying to decide whether or not I could rock one of these in real life, maybe not over my forehead, but in the normal headband position. Thoughts?


Kern said...

I love peacock feathers, they can be so romantic! I also love the first headband, especially worn like that!! Do it!

Anonymous said...

You could totally rock one. Go for it.

And cowboys and indians is definitely an okay party theme. And would be much fun! I love dress ups :)

Meri said...

Do it! The headbands are rockin'.
If you think the cowboys and indians theme is somewhat taboo...maybe just an old west theme for something of the sort.

Sarah Von said...

Dude, you know that I am all.over the theme party. Also: I think you have the best blog roll ever! I am insanely flattered to be included and will be returning the favour stat!

lily said...

I LOVE those feathers!!!

Elle Bee said...

I saw these at the Urban Outfitters in town, but when I went back to get a peacock clip, they were all sold out. And just the cost of shipping to Canada is over $50! It's ridiculous.