Sunday, January 4, 2009

But I Hate Resolutions...

I am a notorious New Year's Resolutions hater. It feels like I always am just setting myself up to fail with the same old goals of losing weight, exercising, and eating better. But I got to thinking, and I guess if I keep choosing the same resolutions every year and I keep failing at them, then maybe I'm not ready for that just yet. So instead, I've thought up a few other things that I would like to see happen in the new year:

1) Stop biting my nails. - I have been a nail biter since I was little. In the past few years though, I've mostly stopped. Now I only bite them when I am stressed or when they get chipped badly. I want to stop all together.
I really should stop biting my nails by diurnaldreamer

2) Drink more water. - I drink way too much diet cola. The problem is that I don't like the taste of water (I am really picky, I know). I am going to try to cut it down by bringing my Nalgene to work with me and some Crystal Lite singles so I can get it down.

Fill 'er up by acermate433s

3) Keep the apartment clean. - My apartment is pretty much always a disaster zone as soon as things in my life get busy. I want to keep on top of things this year. I am going to take the garbage out on the same day every week so I remember, and I am going to do the dishes as soon as I am done with them. I am also going to make the litter box clean out a daily occurrence. If I stay on top of those things, then the rest of it will be easier to get done when I have time.

4) Read more. - Now that I'm not in school, I can read for pleasure without feeling guilty that I'm not doing my homework. And now that I'm done the Twilight series, I'm left with a gaping literary hole to fill. I want to keep reading on a daily basis - whether before bed, at work, or on the subway.
On the platform, reading by moriza

5) Keep at this dating business. I'm still doing the online thing, but sometimes the idea of dating seems like more effort than it's worth. I do want to meet someone I like though, so I need to keep trying.

Date by XXVIII

I will keep you posted on my progress. You guys can keep me accountable so that I actually have to work on these. Wish me luck!


amy purple said...

I'm with you on all of these resolutions!
1. I have braces now which have prevented me from biting my nails. I fear once i get these off, i'll start it up again.

2. I'm so bad at this, i only really like the taste of water if it's ice cold.

3. I've become so busy that i don't keep up with keeping our place clean. I know if i did, it would also be less stressful.

4. Ditto - i want to read more but it may have to wait til i graduate in may. Now it's not reading for pleasure unfortunately.

5. i'm married - but it seems you find the right person when you're not looking!

Lily said...

I finished Breaking Dawn on Friday night, and the only thing stopping me from starting from Twilight and reading them all over again is the fact that I lent that book out to a friend of mine. LOVED it. That one was my fave!