Friday, January 16, 2009

Fancy Dressing

Over at Classy in Philadelphia, Jess asked all of us ladies in blog land to share our formal dresses. I thought that even though I haven't had that many, I'd still share my pretty dresses. Unfortunately, although most people have been to quite a few formals and proms, I've only been to one highschool prom and I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. That's it. I'm okay with it though, I get kind of awkward when I get really fancy.

Here I am at highschool prom, grade 12. I'm with my BFF Jim and my pretty hairdo is battling the wind here. I was so excited about this dress, but in hindsight I should have either left the gloves or the wrap. Also exciting was the fact that I got to wear my Mom's pearls (after a stern lecture about what would happen to me if I broke them)... from her wedding I believe.

And here's me posing outside of the men's washroom at my church. Classy, I know. I got to be a bridesmaid in one of my elementary school BFF's wedding. She told us what colours she wanted, and we got to pick out any dress style we wanted as long as it was long. I got mine for about $50 which was amazing, but it was a few sized too big so I had to get Mom to take it in for me. Thank goodness she can sew! I was sooo thrilled about my hair - I felt so classy and elegant, even though it took about 1,000000 bobby pins to keep in there. The hairdresser's wife has the same kind of hair as I do, so he was able to make it look amazing - and he attended the wedding and reception, so he was always there to stick another bobby pin in when it started to loosen.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, photo evidence of the fact that I have always been freaking adorable/stylish!

So, ladies of the blog world, I expect you to show us all your pretty dress photos, hopefully you have more than I do!


Larissa said...

you were adorable as a child! that raincoat is awesome!

Jessica said...

AH! I love that you did this already! Hooray.

It's crazy how your hair is so light in the first picture, and then so dark! It's like two different people. I love them both!

BTW- You were definitely a stylish little girl!

Thanks for posting! It's fun, right?!

Deutlich said...

awww..that kid picture is super cute!

Lily said...

Thank you for giving me the perfect thing to do on this Friday afternoon!

And your kid picture is ADORABLE! :)

ria said...

pretty, pretty! i love the flower in the second pic :)