Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Underemployment Plans

Now that I'm done school and a real working girl, I have a bit more free time. Okay, that's a lie. Now that my only job is relief work, I'm discovering that I have a lot more free time. It's only my second day off this week and I'm already bored stiff.
I'm still looking for another job (either a full time job or a second part time job), but I'm taking my time, playing it by ear. I want to see how much work I get at the shelter before I look for something else.
In the meantime, I need things to occupy my time. There are a few things that I know for sure I need to do, and a few other ideas I've been thinking about but am undecided on. And, because everybody likes lists, here are my thoughts on things I can do outside of work to occupy my time, in list form:
  • Cleaning the apartment, and not just average cleaning, but hardcore cleaning - that way I can keep on top of it for the rest of the year, a la my New Year's Resolution. Yes, this includes the closets and ALL of the laundry.
  • Finding my local library branch, getting a Toronto library card, and reading, reading, reading - for free! This will help with that other resolution.
  • Training the cat to use the toilet rather than the litter box. Yes, I'm aware that this is basically a pipe dream, but I'm still considering it.
  • Catching up on the episodes of Pushing Daisies that I have waiting for me to watch on my computer.
  • Going for walks daily, bringing my camera, and taking pictures. I'm considering taking part in Project 365.
  • Joining some type of exercise group or class. Taking yoga, dance, swimming, joining an organized sport... I'm not sure which. Any ideas?
  • Being more artistic: printmaking, painting, photography, etc - just do more of it.
  • Taking some sort of art and/or crafts class. Know of any good / inexpensive ones in the GTA?
  • Learn to sew, with a machine, meaning I need to procure a sewing machine somehow.
  • Borrowing my little sister's Game Cube that she does not use, kicking butt in the games.
  • Writing thank you notes to the older generation of my family for my Christmas gifts. I have the cards, I just have to sit down and do it.
Have any ideas to add to my list? Any suggestions? Help me out here guys, I'm going stir crazy!


Jessica said...

Thanks for all those Etsy links! I can't wait to check them out.

Also, the library card thing...amazing. My library allows me access to like 100 different libraries, so I search books on their website, and have them delivered to my library around the block. It's awesome, I treat it like my own personal barnes and noble! Haha. Let me know if you need any book suggestions!

Jay said...

Join the next Learn to Run clinic at your nearest Running Room (probably Wellington). That's how I started out running. Everyone's friendly and will help you reach your goals. I never pictured myself as a runner--before I couldn't make it far before being horribly out of breath. By the end of the clinic you'll be amazed at how far you'll have come. It's now 1.5 years later and I'm still loving running.