Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Few of My (Current) Favourite Things

I have zero ambition to actually write a real post, even though I have many things to write about. Instead, I am spending my evening with laundry and apartment cleaning and Don't Forget the Lyrics. So, instead of writing a real blog post, I will share with you a few of my favourite things (that I have purchased) from the past few weeks:

Live and Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez - they were both at Winners and I was pumped to find them there (for you U.S. viewers, Winners is like T.J. Maxx I think - brand names at a discount). They smell gorgeous and are light enough to wear every day! Score!

My Geode Necklace from Urban Outfitters. It reminds me of the rock/geode/jewel collection that Dad used to have in the garage growing up. I went through a stage when I was super interested in rocks and minerals too, I think it may have been a mandatory stage for a jeweller's daughter to go through, no?

My Foxy Necklace from Montreal-based company Frug. I mentioned way back in October my newfound obsession with foxes, and this necklace is just perfect!

A week or so ago, my lips were crazy chapped. I tried every lip gloss I owned and nothing helped. I went to the drug store in hopes of finding something to relieve my lips, and they hardly had anything. Dismayed, I grabbed one that looked alright, LypSyl with Eucalyptus, and ended up even more disappointed when I realized it was the kind you squeeze and the gel comes out when I thought it would be a soft solid. Well imagine my surprise when I put it on, and it feels amazing! My chapped lips healed up incredibly fast and I've kept using it ever since because of how awesome it makes my lips look and feel. I totally recommend it!

And finally, I splurged on some new body wash yesterday. Olay Botanicals Hydrate is amazing! With patchouli and soy, it smells incredible and helps fulfill my secret dreams of being a hippie (a clean one!).

There you have it - Erin's Current Favourite things, you know, other than the things I have already blogged about (like my new bag and feather headbands).


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Cute necklaces! I love doing posts like this, btw!

Meri said...

I love love love the fox necklace! I may just check out that body wash too...I guess I'm somewhat of a hippy too, I love patchouli.