Friday, January 30, 2009

Life Isn't Fair...

In two days, my sister will be leaving to go to school in Australia for a semester. After a short visit to New Zealand, she will be living in Brisbane. That means she will be here:

Image from here.

While I am stuck here:

Image from here.

Yeah, completely not fair.


Kern said...

ha, I'd jump oin her suitcase if I were you. :)

Ashley said...

Ha ha. That visual is awesome. I'd love to visit New Zealand and Australia!

Classy in Philadelphia said... really isn't fair. Lol.

My friend did the same program I think and she had a great time!

ria said...

wow i'm so jealous i can barely type

Katelin said...

oh man i would be so jealous too, that's awesome.

EP said...

Dude, I'm jealous of your sis, too. My little sister is in South Africa for the semester, and I really want to visit her. Any chances you'll get to go to Australia?