Thursday, December 4, 2008

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

So, it's been a long week. The end is near and everything is due for school. And then there's that pesky little problem of trying to find a job. My sleep schedule sucks, as in, I have done nothing but sleep and work at placement.

I can't say too much about it due to confidentiality, but one of my clients was stabbed on Monday. In the mouth. Poor guy. He's okay now though, swollen and stitched up. And the guys who did it were former clients - people I worked with, laughed with, ate dinner with... It's hard to believe that people you have spent time with are capable of such violent acts. Shook me up a little... it was the first time I have actually not felt completely safe with my clients.

To lighten up my week though, I got to bring clients to see The Sound of Music Musical, for free!

It was fantastic! I've always loved the movie, and although a few things were switched around from the movie storyline, I was still quite pleased. The set was amazing, the technology used to make the different scenes just blew me away. The kids were ADORABLE and very very good in their roles. My only major issue with the musical is that if you had never seen the movie, you would have been surprised that Maria and Captain Von Trapp hook up, as the build up to their relationship is basically non-existent. Otherwise, though, the play was beautifully done and I would highly recommend you all go see it if you have a chance!


Shannon said...

They have a sing along movie in Chicago. I've always wanted to go but everyone wears costumes. I don't know if I can go that far!


do a deer a female deer, dear...
Since I was a kid, i luv it! Did you see the pics of the latest reunion of all the it, & perhaps post it???

Court said...

Did you see Janna or Elicia as Maria??? I totally watched the reality tv show choosing the new Maria because John Barrowman (one of the judges) is Capt. Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood. SUCH a fangirl I am.

And how were the new songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber? Did they fit in with the rest of the play??

maeko said...

The movie was my "go to" staple for all things happy and bright during my childhood and all the way into my teens. I've never had the opportunity to see it onstage, though. Must've been fantastic.