Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

A little late, I know, but back a while ago, I received my first ever blog award from my fellow book club member Lily from LilySpeak. I was thrilled, and cheesy as it is, the inner 15 year old girl in me felt accepted by the blogging community! So I will proudly display this on my blog and pass it on to a few others:
The beautiful Lenorenevermore whose posts are always beautiful to read and look at,
a fellow Canadian Carmen of My Life in a Nutshell,
the student with the best dating stories Ashley of Turquoise Ribbons,
and my fellow DMB lover Grey Street of The Life & Times Of....
Thanks for being fantastic bloggers!!

1 comment:

lily said...

It was my first, too! And I know what you mean by feeling like a real, recognized part of the community! :) Also... I'll be through these last two books ASAP!