Monday, December 8, 2008

Cherish Hope and Peace

I got a package in the mail today! It was my prize from the contest on Hallmark's Things We Make Blog for ornaments from Paloma's Nest.

It arrived carefully packaged in a brown box tied with string and a small bit of ribbon saying thank you.

Of course, Thunder Kitty had to see what the excitement was all about. It came with a special bag I can put the ornaments in, I chose the word Cherish for the bag.

Thunder Kitty mostly enjoyed the adorable straw-esque nest my birds were sitting in.

And I love love love my ornaments! I chose Hope and Joy for their words, and I cannot wait to get to my parents' place and hang them on our family tree. They're just so pretty though, I may need to find a way to display them all year round.

A great big thank you to Hallmark's Things We Make Blog and to Paloma's Nest!

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JD said...

those are soooo pretty!