Monday, December 29, 2008

A Nice Year

Over at Operation NICE they have NICE Assignments from time to time, and I really liked the idea behind this one:
Today's Assignment: Celebrate 2008!
I know how you folks are a bunch o' list-makers out there, so let's try it one last time this year. I want you to make a list of all the wonderful things that you've done or have happened to you in the last 12 months. It could be events you attended or awards you received or priceless moments that will help you recall 2008 with great fondness. Or maybe even silly things that might seem trivial to someone else! (e.g. Buying a Wii is totally on my list!) Either way, the more items, the more smiles you'll find!

Here is my list of 2008:
  • Going on a cruise with my family to ring in the New Year - getting to explore Carribbean islands and relax on tropical beaches
  • Surviving the bus crash
  • Getting close to the fantastic people in my CYW class
  • Using tools to make and open drinks with Stace, more than once
  • Cousinly weekends with a St Patty's Day parade
  • Going to the ROM and taking silly pictures there with Stace
  • Thunder Kitty's first birthday
  • Movie dates with Stace
  • Getting to spend time at home in the summer with Mom relaxing on the porch in between camps
  • The drives to and from HD camp in the summer, cruising with the windows down and the music up
  • Finding a placement that I really loved
  • Growing closer with my family during tough times
  • Weekends with the camp girls - multiple
  • Nuit Blanche avec Mel
  • Starting to blog again and the wonderful new bloggy friends I have met
  • My 23rd Birthday and Thanksgiving
  • The support from my family and friends I have received throughout the cancer ordeal
  • The Twilight Saga (nerd alert!)
  • Finding the courage to take a shot on the online dating thing
  • Reuniting with first year roomie
  • Spending Christmas with my family
  • Finishing my CYW program (with honours, I might add!)
  • Getting a job at the placement I loved
  • Learning that I am stronger than I ever thought I was
  • Feeling that I am kinda sorta grown up, living and working on my own in the big city
  • Becoming more self aware and self reflective as well as more self confident
I think writing this list was important. The events that have happened this year were pretty sucky at times, so much so that my family and I have been joking that 2008 was pretty much the worst year ever. But even though so pretty major bad things happened, a lot of good things still happened. And, I suppose, if those bad things had to happen, I'm glad they happened the way they did. Not only was it the best possible outcome for all events, but it also showed me that I have family and friends there to always support me, and that I am much stronger than I thought.
So, thanks, 2008, you were tough, but we made it. Here's to an easier 2009, with some things changing and others staying the same. Wait and see I guess!

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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a really eventful year!

BTW, I just saw you were following my blog and I never even knew, so I wanted to say hi!