Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Weekend Update

1) Toronto traffic is crazy - especially on the major highways at rush hour(s) on a Friday night of a long weekend. I miss living somewhere that I didn't need to plan my day around when I can drive.

2) Mom looked better than I thought she would. She just finished her first week of chemo. She has 4 weeks total, spread out over 4 months, so one week on, 3 weeks off. Considering that the last time I saw her, she was lying in her hospital bed, pretty much anything is an improvement. She is trying really hard to make things seem normal, but everything is more difficult for her now, even sitting in a chair can be uncomfortable. Everything hurts and she is just so tired. Poor Mom, she really is trying hard.

3) Why I love my Grandparents:
Grandpa: If you were in Turkey, you'd have to wear a "kimona."
Me: Umm... Kimona? I think it's Kimono, and those are Japanese. I think you mean a Hijab or a Burka?
Grandpa: Oh yeah that's right.
Me: I'd look pretty funny wearing a Kimono in Turkey!
Grandma: Well that's okay, they wouldn't know it was you because they could only see your eyes!
Me: Uhhh?

4) I had the most terrible start to my birthday ever. I woke up at 6:00am to use the washroom, and when I got back, my fitted sheet had come off of my bed. I went to put it back on properly and what did I see on my mattress.... MOUSE POOP. Oh my goodness. We live in an old house, so we have had mice in my room before, but we dealt with them a long time ago and thought we had all the holes patched up and therefore there were only mice now in the basement. Guess not. So clearly I was NOT going back to bed after that. And I came down full out with a cold. Gross.

5) When you're feeling crummy and on cold meds and you want to stay as far away from Mom and Grandparents as possible so they don't catch it, you don't really feel like being social at a family gathering. Therefore you feel kind of out of it the whole time, like you haven't really gotten to visit with anybody. Sucky.

6) My littlest cousin is in grade 5, and she really likes to hang out with me and talk to me. She told me about her new love:
Maddy: Do you know who the Jonas Brothers are?
Me: Yup! You like them?
Maddy: Yeah! Nick is my favourite.
Me: Do you have a favourite song by them?
Maddy: No, I don't really like the songs.
Me: Oh, so you just like the boys!
Maddy: Yup, I like Nick best, Joe second, and Kevin last.
Me: Yeah, nobody really likes Kevin do they?
Maddy: No.
On top of her being HILARIOUS, I am glad that I am hip enough to know who the Jonas Brothers are! That's right, I am hip and with it!

Overall, good weekend, nice to be home and see everyone. Would have only been better if I had felt better. So good to be at my old home, but also good to be back at my own home, even though I have a lot to do now that I am back.


Christy Lou Who said...

ew, mouse poop!

Also, I came down with a full out cold today too! Maybe we should blame the same person for our sickness (like, they sneezed on both of us or something)

Grey Street said...

The mouse poop thing is a little disturbing! UCK!

Maki said...

I really loved your comment on LENORENEVERMORE, so I decided to stop by...

What was your answer?

I really love your layout - so clean and nice :D

I will be back!!


home sweet home indeed...nice to see familiar faces indeed! my thought & prayer to your mom dear...Told you before my sist went through the same thing too.