Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Sorry...

I've been a bad blogger. In my defense, placement was busy this week and I was sick with a cold.
My birthday party is tomorrow, and today I went shopping with my neighbour-classmate-friend to find the rest of what I am wearing. I came home with a very large bag of stuff, it was an excellent shopping trip. And a hair cut, I came home with one of those too. Perfect! Just a bit of grooming and nail painting and I will be ready to go for tomorrow night! Just that pesky problem of having things to do for school in between now and then. Clearly, I am not doing school work yet, but instead watching tv and browsing Etsy.
Just a note: Wheel of Fortune makes me really angry when people just can't figure out the answer to the puzzle and it's really obvious.

Another Note: I want this unicorn mask to wear for Hallowe'en... or just whenever.

Also, I want this cat costume for my cat. Or any of Seamstrocity!'s cat costumes, for that matter. I think I might be able to get away with dressing TK up on Hallowe'en and not have my friends and family disown me.

That's all for now, I'll try to post more in the coming days and be less negligent towards my blog.

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Get well soon, tip;drink hot water with 2 tbl spoon of honey every 3 hours... did it for me. Just get ready to go to the WC often dear... but it works!

That mask is fierce...just don't hurt anyone ok!