Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am Basically a Fangirl... Please Stop Me Before I Start Writing Fanfiction Involving The Two of Us!

Shit, kids. I just caught up on the past 3 weeks of Heroes, and the answer to the question "When is Sylar hotter than normal?" Is right here:

In the future as a loving Dad,


Acting as a good guy, aka no longer a sociopathic killer?

Note, is it sad that this is all I picked up out of 3 episodes of Heroes? Hot dayum, that man is good looking. He could cut my head open anyday!

Next up, to catch up on the last 2 weeks of Pushing Daisies.


Badriyyah said...

Hey, there. Just wanted to drop in and say hi!

emaura15 said...

loooooove Heroes!! my dad and I call each other and talk about it. Hah.

Grey Street said...

I need to catch up on Heroes too. I'm like 2 weeks behind I think. AND I BIG HUGE PUFFY HEART Pushing Daisies! :)

Court said...

I heart Sylar. So much.

Meaghan said...

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