Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Ashamed

Okay, I'll admit it...

I didn't watch any political debates tonight.

I was fully aware of both the Canadian Party Leaders Debate and the American VP Debate. And I didn't watch them.
I think it's okay for me not to watch the VP debate, after all, I'm not a US citizen and won't be voting there come November.
But I am slightly embarrassed that I did not watch the Canadian Debate. To be honest, I'm just not that interested in it. I know I should be. It is the leadership of my country, after all. But just look at these guys (I say guys because a google image search for Canadian Political Leaders did not include Elizabeth May of the Green Party unfortunately). It's not the same as the American elections. There, they have strong leaders and great political divides and controversial issues and huge following for the candidates, it's a type of celebrity really. Here is my Canadian political rundown: the Bloc Quebecois is not going to get anything outside of Quebec and therefore can't really be a major contender. The NDP (whom I have a strong personal lean towards) will only get anywhere if people can be convinced that we are more than a 2 party country and they might have a chance if those people who really feel like the NDP should win (but vote Liberal anyways because at least that way the Conservatives won't win) actually start voting for the party that they support. As for the Liberals... I'm just not too sure about Stephane Dion. He doesn't have the leadership qualities to win the peoples' trust, so I think a lot of right-leaning Liberals will vote Conservative and a lot of left-leaning Liberals will vote NDP because of the lack of Liberal leadership. Granted, they will probably still place second and get the opposition again. As for the Conservatives, in spite of the fact that Harper's hair does not move and that he is so strongly aligned with Bush's politics, I still think that Harper stands a good chance of winning and being re-elected simply due to the perceived lack of other options.

All of that being said, I am no Political Science major, this is just the feeling that I get from what I watch and read.
I probably should have watched the debate.

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Jay said...

Nah, don't feel way too bad about missing the debates--though you may have been surprised at just how lively some of it was.

Not that I'm claiming to know Political Science...

The job of the NDP is to pull the Liberals left--they'll never form the opposition or win. Back when the Reform was still its own entity its job was to pull the Conservatives to the right. Now that the right is combined, all of that is internal leaving us poor slobs to figure out just where the party stands--some days I can't tell.

You're right. Harper's Conservatives will win. I think it's likely that Canada will again get a case of cold feet and only grant a minority--but you know what? The minority will be forced to work because no one will be able to afford yet another election right away.

Life goes on, the world spins round, etc etc etc. :)