Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times...

By "it" I mean today. Here's an overview of the events:

1) In the morning I went into placement to finish up business there and to present the Plan of Care Review I had to write for one of the clients. It was great to be back, and really great to see my camp team mates again. And to have one of the kids tell you over and over how pretty you look (aka, you look clean and like you've put at least minimal effort into your appearance). However, the client couldn't make it to the review, so I did not have to present it, which was both good and bad because I would have liked to have the experience of presenting but nice that I didn't have to do it. So I said my goodbyes and left placement for the last time. It was sad knowing that I'll likely never see or work with the kids there again, and I really liked the agency and the clients.

2) So I had time to waste in Toronto. But I also had a giant backpack and a big handbag - and I learned that those items are no fun to navigate through the Eaton Centre. I ended up giving up on shopping after a few purchases and heading to Union Station crazy early for my train. I spent the hours at Union reading and pretending not to people-watch. There was a super-cute family near me, with an adorable little girl who couldn't be more than 5. I watched as her Dad brushed her hair back into a neat pony tail (certainly better than I could do) and then she played cards with her older too-cool looking brother, who wowed her with card tricks. And then there was the playfully bickering well-dressed young couple. And the woman and her very young daughter who multiple times left their bags in my care as Mom needed to go outside for smokes, and who was hesitant to allow her daughter to read a story book in the station as she might lose it.

3) On the train ride home, I got a text message from my little sister: "Mom's tumor is gone." I immediately called home. Mom had an appointment in London today, a pre-surgery check I think. Anyways, the doctor went to look at the tumor, and it wasn't there. The chemo and radiation was effective and got rid of it!! She is still going to go ahead with the surgery, as the doctor recommended it just to be sure, rather than going for checks every so often and being constantly worried about the cancer coming back, might as well just make sure it's all gone. BEST. NEWS. EVER. The tumor is gone!! Take THAT tumor!!

4) But... as soon as I arrived at the station and went to put my backpack in the back seat of the car, I came to the realization that while I left it for one night at the train station, someone had smashed the back driver's side window, gone through the entire contents of my car, and stolen anything that might be worth something. Here, I took pictures.

The sign that I parked in front of.
The front seat, note, those maps have been taken from the door pockets and left all over. Also, the garbage bag was taken down and gone through.

Through the glass-less window.
The glass-filled seat.
Items stolen: many many CDs, my ipod FM transmitter, the book with the insurance papers and car manual in it, and potentially other things. But it's not so much the things missing that I am upset about, after all, they are just things that I'm sure can be replaced. It's the act. It was just so invasive...they broke into my car and went through everything. Who does that?? How can you do that?? Even the thought of breaking something belonging to someone else on purpose is so completely foreign to me, and to do that and then steal things that don't belong to you? I just don't understand how anybody justifies that. I am trying to hard to be sympathetic, as they probably need the money more than I do, but ultimately I am just SO fucking pissed that anyone would do something like this to someone they don't even know.

But, on the bright side, the teddy bear that I call Teddy was inside my pillow case in the back of the car with my pillow and sleeping bag, and the thief left that. Thank goodness... I would have been devastated. They also didn't bother to take the change in the coin dish, and it doesn't look like they even attempted to take the CD player... they even left me the CD I was listening to inside the CD player. Got to stay positive. Got to get some sleep.

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