Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Taking the Train

Tomorrow, I am taking the train to Toronto. I am taking it to Toronto, staying at my apartment overnight, presenting the Plan of Care Review I'm doing at my placement, and heading home on the train Tuesday night.
True, I could drive. I feel like I've been driving all over the place this summer, from Toronto to Collingwood and back, and from there Toronto to my parents' place and back. Driving, especially on the 400-series highways used to make me so happy, but now I find it just wears me out.
So I decided to take the train... and I am ridiculously and childishly excited for it. In fact, this train trip may just be the highlight of my summer vacations. I've been prepping for days, making lists of things to bring and such.
I am a giant nerd.
Why am I so excited? I get to relax for three and a half hours each way and just watch South-Western Ontario fly past me. I'll be lulled into a daze, just staring out the window by the gentle rocking of the train. I'll have time to catch up on reading instead of having to worry about which lane of the highway I should be in. And there's just something so romantic about train travel. Like in Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart receiving Ingrid Bergman's note in the Paris train station. Okay, that scene wasn't really romantic, as she was leaving him, but it was full of romance in a 1940s film noir way. And so, in my train riding imagination, I am a film noir heroine, in a pencil skirt, blouse, and trench coat, my head covered by a large-brimmed hat that shades my face, about to meet my fast-talking hero in a fedora and a nice suit, who will whisk me away to Paris.
Again, I am a giant nerd.

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