Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Dinner Party

We had 24 people in our house tonight. All of my Mom's side of the family (minus one) came over to celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday, my Great Aunt and Uncle's anniversary (63 years I think), and my Mom's 51st birthday.
Mom always gets super-stressed out before company comes over. The house has to be spot-less, because our guests might notice the cobweb on the baseboards in the corner of the front living room that no one ever even goes into. I wonder if my family is alone in this.
I think that's why I feel guilty whenever anyone comes to visit my apartment and it's not perfectly clean. Even if I know that my guests really don't care, I can feel my Mom's disapproval.
The dinner went really well though, in spite of the stresses of prepping for it.
Also, Grandma loved the gift I organized the 10 of us grandchildren to create - a heart made of puzzle pieces, each decorated by one of us. Ta-da!!

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