Thursday, August 28, 2008

After a Good Night's Sleep...

...I think that perhaps this year has also taught me to see the bright side in everything. It always could be worse.
Yeah, we were in a giant bus crash, but the worst we came out of it with were some cuts and bruises and some post-traumatic stress. Besides, I got to ride shot-gun in the ambulance. It also showed me how genuinely caring people who don't even know you can be. Like the doctor who was driving down the highway and stopped to check and see that everyone was okay, even though that probably breached some sort of medical insurance thing. Or the paramedics who tried to cheer us up as we were couched in the mud under a cement overpass by joking around with us. Or the people who went out of their way to make sure that we made the flight on time. Or the nurse from Montreal and the guy who brought his dog around to the hospital patients.
And sure, Mom was diagnosed with cancer, but it was caught early and is one of the most treatable kinds. It taught me to rely on my new friends from class, because they were there to support me whenever I needed it, so I knew I was never alone. And it was amazing how our family, our extended family, and our network of friends could really pull together and support Mom through it.
And yup, my car was broken into, but it wasn't stolen and I got it mostly intact. And at least it happened where my Grandparents and Aunt could come rushing over and help me deal with it.
Most of all, this year has taught me how important my friends are, and how super supportive they can be.
So I guess I am pretty lucky after all.

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