Friday, April 3, 2009

My Beef with the Interwebz

I love the interwebz, you know I do.
But sometimes, internet, you give me way too much information.
I'm looking at you, Facebook.
Let's think about this: if it is listed that you dated a person in the "How do you know each other" section, it's not a nice thing to broadcast it on the front page for days when that person gets engaged.
Although it was nice to hear that he has found a nice girl to marry, I don't need it rubbed in my face for days, Facebook.
Actually, that's a lie. I don't want to hear that he is engaged at all.
Part of me wants to go through my Facebook and severely edit the people I am "friends" with. The other part of me knows that I have certain people on there because I am curious to see what they are up to without having to go to the trouble of pursuing a real-life relationship.
But there are some things I don't want to know about.
I can't help but wonder where the line is. When does the internet or social media go from helpful to harmful? How much internet/social media is too much? When do you get overexposed?


ria said...

i was wondering the same exact thing. *sigh it's evil in some ways and glorious in others

Lily said...

soooooooo true. I have a LOT of my old friends from different states or people I haven't seen/talked to since like, elementary school, on a limited profile basis. It's nice to keep up and see who's doing what, but they don't need to know the minute details of my life.

When it comes to exes... man, that's tough and you know as well as the rest of the blogosphere that I've had issues with this lately myself. The quick and dirty fix would be to delete the ones you really don't want/need to hear from. But that's tough.

Are we in the too-much Information Era? Probs.

Larissa said...

oh i know exactly how you feel...i remember i hadnt deleted my ex and a month after we broke up his status changed to in a relationship and it was on my home page for a couple days! I hated it! stupid facebook...but at the same time it does allow for some serious estalking...

mary said...

cool blog :-D


I think I may be the only person who has no Facebook??? Thanks for your kind words...can't tell you how much I appreciate it ~XOXO*

EP said...

I completely know how you feel. I've had something similar happen to me, and I actually went through my FB friends and purged them. It seemed like the best thing at the time, and I'm thankful I did it now.

Margarita said...

I just totally edited my Facebook. I got rid of people I haven't talked to in a year or more, I got rid of people I loved to stalk their pictures and going-ons, and I realised I just got jealous of these people so I got rid of them too. It really is a relief not to hear that your ex ex whatever got engaged or so and so moved to LA, blah blah. I have my life and the people in it and that's all that matters!