Friday, April 24, 2009

Music Swap

Lily just posted about her newest awesome idea:

The Ultimate Music Swap

The idea is basic - leave a comment letting me know you want to play and then next week, I’ll randomly* match everyone up with another blogger. Your task is to create a mix tape (or CD, or playlist on a jump drive…) to send to each other. Pick new favorites, old favorites, up-and-coming local bands, artists you can’t live with out and anything you think needs to be shared with the world. When you get your mixtape/CD/playlist from your new friend, let us know what music you discovered and what your favorites are!

*The exception to this “randomness” is that I will not match up bloggers in the same city so that I don’t end up sending someone in Minneapolis my favorite Atmosphere song, etc.

This will be an AWESOME way to expand your music collection and share a little bit of yours.

Isn't that cool?? So go to Lily's site to tell her you're in! I'm doing it so you should too!


Lily said...

Thanks, girlfriend! This should be fun!!! :)

Alanna said...

This is such a rad idea. I'm so in.