Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Checking...

Are you following my Twitter? It's @ewalker9.
What about my Tumblr? I'm pretty darn proud of it. It's the place where I post pretty things. It's Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole.
And are we friends on 20 Something Bloggers? Here's my profile. Are you a 20 something blogger in Toronto? Join my 20SB Group - Toronto 20 Somethings.
Finally, if you're on Facebook, follow my blog on Networked Blogs. It makes me happy to see people are following me, AND you can add me as a Facebook friend!
Let's be hooked up on every social media platform!



I'm still a tweeter dumb! ;)

Olga said...

Good thing you mentioned it!

Lily said...

Pretty sure we're friends on all counts! Except the Toronto bloggers part, because well... I'm in Minneapolis. :)

Anonymous said...

Left a comment and now it's gone. Mmm. Strange.

What I said was, I went to add you on Twitter, Tumblr and 20SB and found that we're "friended" on them all.

All but this blog? I am now going to rectify that by adding you to my google reader. :)