Monday, February 2, 2009

My Own Personal Saga (minus the vampires)

Remember this? Weeks ago I ordered this purse, with overnight shipping. I was so excited for it. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have heard about it every step of the way, but just in case you don't follow me on Twitter, here's what went down:
January 14 - Order the purse from Matt & Nat, blog about how excited I am. Overnight shipping wasn't that much more than regular shipping (as in, a matter of cents difference) so I went for it, expecting the purse to arrive by January 16th at the latest.
January 16 - No purse. The tracking website says there is an exception and it should come Monday. I know I won't be home Monday or Tuesday, but figure they will leave a yellow sticky note at my building so I can go pick it up.
January 21 - No sticky note, no purse, no update on the tracking website. I decide to call UPS. They tell me they don't know where it is, because it has not been scanned since it left Quebec, tell me I have to call the company who sent it to have them track it. I call Matt & Nat, they are super helpful and put a track on it, telling me they will call me when they hear from UPS where my purse is.
January 27 - Matt & Nat calls back, says UPS still hasn't found it, but they will call me as soon as they do.
January 28 - My purse was returned by UPS to the Matt & Nat warehouse in Quebec, Matt & Nat tells me they will send it again.
January 30 - The tracker website says they attempted delivery, but I had been home all day and no one had contacted me. I do not have a working buzzer on my building, so I left a note for UPS to call me when they get there and I will meet them. Matt & Nat, who has been in contact with me the whole time via e-mail, says I had better call UPS and see if that will effect delivery. I call UPS, and they tell me that the drivers do not have cell phones and so can't call me. What?? What sort of 21st century company doesn't have cell phones? The pizza delivery guys can call me when they get here, but UPS can't? I am pissed. The UPS lady on the phone asks if I have a concierge or something along those lines, but I live in sketchville and nobody near me has a concierge, so that will not work. I am close to telling her that I will sit outside the building to wait for it, but I have standards. So she suggests that they could hold the package and I could go pick it up. I say sure, I have a car, that's easy to do. Then she informs me that the UPS building that serves my area is at Jane and Steeles. What??? That is nowhere near my area! I live along the lake on the bottom of Toronto, and the UPS building is literally along the border where the top end of Toronto meets Vaughn. At that point I said fine, I would go pick it up, because there were really no other options and my purse was supposed to come two weeks ago.
January 31 - Dropped my little sister off at the airport, was feeling sad about not going anywhere and saw a perfect Matt & Nat bag at Winners that looks like this, only made of linen with darker pleather trimming, and may or may not have purchased it (I love it! It holds my stuff for work PERFECTLY).
February 2 - Got in the car, drove for about an hour across the city, and finally got my purse! Here it is, in all of it's glory (and the glory of my beautiful loveseat):

Ta-da! It's more of a dressy purse, and I have moved my stuff into it to use for my interview tomorrow at the shelter. I think I'll use the linen one for everyday work stuff, and the new one for dressier events. Perfect!!
And thus the saga ends. No vampires or romance, but a beautiful purse (or two) to call my own!


Ashley said...

That's insane, especially considering you got overnight shipping. Wow.

Lily said...

Sorry that was such a hassle, but that's a really cute purse!

ria said...

glad you got your purse, finally! it looks like the wait was worth it. how was the interview?