Thursday, February 19, 2009

2010 Mascots, For Your Viewing Pleasure

Being a Canadian, I got excited for the 2010 Olympics pretty quickly. It's hard not to be, every other commercial on Canadian TV seems to be about them. It's happening on the other side of the country, so I certainly won't see any of it live, but I still love that it's happening here.
And have you seen the mascots? They are freaking adorable!

There is Miga the sea bear, which is apparently part bear and part killer whale.
Quatchi is a Sasquatch. And it looks like he has an inukshuk tattoo - my cousin has one of those.
And finally, Sumi, an animal spirit, and apparently he wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear.
Intense, I know.
And, in case you saw this and wondered "What mascot am I most like?", you can find out the answer here. I am most like Sumi, which I am pleased with.


Carmen said...

I'm most like Quatchi... of course I would be like the most mammoth of the mascots.

My word verification is nomen - very fitting as I haven't gone on a date in ages...

EP said...

Oh my goodness! They are SO cute!

Lily said...

OMG, they are soooooo cute! I love those, and I'm sure it's getting very exciting up there!