Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm (Impatiently) Waiting!

Okay, seriously, Chapters, I pre-ordered the new Charlaine Harris book Dead and Gone, a month ago. It came out on Tuesday. Where is my book?? I could have gone to the store and purchased it multiple times by now! The website finally says it has shipped in full, so maybe this is Canada Post's fault. I've gone downstairs in my pjs every day since Tuesday to check the mail, and I've got nothing. It's Thursday, but if I don't get it tomorrow, so that I have it for the weekend, somebody will be in trouble. Listen, guys, just give me my Sookie Stackhouse book and no one gets hurt.


EP said...

I am SO disappointed for you! I thought about preordering and then figured it would be easier to pick up from the store. Five trips to the five bookstores in town, and I had no luck. Then at Walmart tonight? Who knows?

I'm sending good vibes your way so that the book arrives ASAP. And I cannot wait to hear what you think about it!

Ashley said...

This is why I never preorder anything. I'm too impatient to wait.

Olga said...

Argh, I hate when that happens! I hope you get it soon. I've got Dead Until Dark sitting on my shelf, waiting to be cracked open. I watched the series last summer and loved it. Can't wait to get into the books!

PS--I'm so sorry to hear about the jobs. :(